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We offer a wide range of binding services, including


Spiral (Comb) Binding

Plastic comb binding is one of the most popular methods of binding. The pages of comb-bound books lie flat for easy reading. The flexible plastic binding can be reopened and closed foreasy updating of pages. After updating you can reuse the same binding comb. Pages can be bound up to 500 pages inthickness. Plastic comb bindings are extremely cost effective. (See Gallery)

Spiral Coil Plastic Binding

The Coil binding method is gaining in popularity. Sometimes referred to as SpiralBinding, it offers flexible coil that withstands tough handling. If compressed, the coil bounces back to regain its shape. Books lie flat and open to cover 360 degrees. This method of binding is suggested for every day use documents and schools workbooks. (See Gallery)

Wire Spiral Binding

Wire binding allows you to create hi-tech looking reports. The pages in wire bound books open 360 degrees and lie flat. The wire loops encircle the pages, Wire bound reports, once bound, cannot be edited easily and the binding wire cannot be reused. (See Gallery)



YouBind is a binding system, that is made totally of paper. It is totally recycable and thin documents can be shredded, thus making it environmentally friendly.The sheets of your document are held securely in place, creating a lasting image. This type of binding replaces plastic/wire combs. Once document is binbed, it cannot be edited (pages cannot be deducted or added to the document). This type of binding is ideal for conferences, boardroom, portfolio, presentations. (See Gallery)

Side Stapling with covered Spine (SSS. Binding)

Side Stapling is a very durable type of binding. The documentis stapled along the spine and the spine is covered with thin board. This binding does not allow the document to open flat. (See Gallery)

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitch binding isappropriate for small booklets and for volumes with only a few pages. Magazines which are not glued are saddle stitched: that is they are held together by staples that run through the gutter. (See Gallery)